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The First International Training and Human Resources Development Convention and Exhibition in Brunei Darussalam marks a milestone in ASEAN-EC's Management Center's initiative to contribute to the regional economy by way of a most vital resource - a competent workforce.

Progress of a nation is inextricably linked to its industry, which draws strength from the talents, skills, and creativity of its people. The ASEAN-EC Management Centre has worked towards creating a workforce to meet international standards.

Learning is a process that is ongoing; one where the importance of networking beyond national boundaries cannot be stressed enough. Keeping this in mind, the ASEAN-EC Management Centre has taken the initiative to network the HR community in the region at this conference. There is much that we can learn from one another. At the same time it is important to keep the doors open for the newest ideas around the world to come in. The international speakers that the convention have brought together will provide a global perspective to the development of people for progress in the industry.

The theme of the conference is HR - Challenges and Opportunities in the New Economy. The ASEAN-EC Management Center believes that the tracks along which the theme would be explored - Strategic HRD, Learning Culture, Talent Development, Competency Development, and Performance Management are of critical importance for HRD professionals to create performance driven organisations.

In organising this event, ASEAN-EC Management Centre joins hands with Specialist Management Resources Sdn Bhd, Malaysia - an organisation that has build itself a reputation in helping people learn and perform.

The Convention and Exhibition was held at the International Conference Center from 18th to 20th January 2005.

Papers for Day 1 & Day 2 Please come back and check often for Day 3.




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