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The Brunei Civil Service
Heads of Government Ministries and Departments


Ministries in Brunei were formed in 1984. Prior to the Ministerial System, the civil service centred around the State Secretariat which is headed by a State Secretary who reports to the chief Minister. Under the State Secretariat, operational agencies were formed as functional departments headed by a Director, each with its own budget and authority.

When the Ministerial system was established, the State Secretariat was abolished. The many departments under the State Secretariat now reports to the various newly formed ministries.

Each Ministry is now headed by a Minister who is politically appointed and assisted by Permanent Secretaries who are the civil service heads for all the Ministries. However, the 'old' departments which were divided out essentially kept their authority and budgetary independence and these became known as 'full-pledged' departments.

Over time, the Ministries' secretariats formed new units, divisions and departments but these sub-divisions are generally not 'full-pledged' departments but are essentially policy units (even though some of them are operational units) dealing with policies and not operational matters. These are also headed by Directors or other officers whose salary scale and rank are equal to the Directors. Some of these units despite their size are sometimes not headed by an officer of equal rank to the Directors. Whereas some have even grown bigger than existing 'full-pledged' departments but are still not independent.

Some 'full-pledged' departments sometimes expanded and created sub-departments who are headed by Deputy Director Generals or Directors and are of equivalent salary to the Directors of the smaller departments but in terms of protocol are not considered as Heads of Departments.


List of Civil Service Heads of Government Agencies

Note: In the following paragraphs, government departments or agencies which are full pledged i.e. those with its own budgets and authorities are listed separately as departments under the Ministry; whereas sub-divisions of the Ministry's secretariat regardless of their names are listed under Divisions/Departments within the ministry. Sub-divisions who are headed by officers of not equivalent rank to Directors are noted with initial 'ndl' (not Director level). (Link here for explanatory note about Senior Administrative Office and Special Duties Officer.)


Prime Minister's Office (including Energy Division) (updated 3rd May 2007)

Permanent Secretaries and Deputies

Departments (Independent)

  • Anti Corruption Bureau - Director (Pengiran Kasmirhan Tahir)
  • Audit Department - Auditor General (Datin Salmah Hanafiah)
  • Civil Service Institute - Director (Junaidi Omar)
  • Economic Planning and Development Department - Director General (Awang Daud)
  • Electrical Services Department - Director (Aziz Abd Hamid)
  • Information Department - Director (Mahrub Murni)
  • Internal Security Department - Director (Dato Eusof Agaki)
  • Legal Department - Attorney General (Dato Kifrawi Kifli)
  • Management Services Department - Director (Sa Bali Abas)
  • Narcotics Control Bureau - Director (Dato Majid Mangarshah)
  • Petroleum Unit - Director
  • Printing Department - Director (Mohiddin Daud)
  • Public Service Commission - Secretary (Dato Wahid Salleh)
  • Public Service Department - Director General (Dato Saifon Besar)
  • Radio Television Brunei - Director (Osman Mohammad)
  • Royal Brunei Police Force - Commissioner (Pehin Zainuddin)
  • State Judiciary Department - Director (Azahari Ahmad)
  • State Mufti Department - State Mufti (Pehin Aziz)
  • State Protocols Department - Principal (Pengiran Anak Aziz)


Ministry of Defence

Permanent Secretary and Deputies

  • Dato Mustapha Sirat
  • Pengiran Dato Mashor, Deputy
  • Dato Rashid Rahman, Deputy

Commander of RBAF

  • Major Gen Pehin Dato Halbi

Directorates (within Ministry)

  • Strategic Planning - Director (Col Pehin Dato Yasmin)
  • Defence Policies - Director (Haji Yahya Idris)
  • Development and Work Services - Director (Haji Shahminan)
  • Administration and Manpower - Director
  • Finance and Acquisition - Director (Hajah Suriyah)
  • Defence Science and Technology - Director

Royal Brunei Armed Forces

  • Royal Brunei Land Forces - Commander (Col Pehin Dato Rahmani)
  • Royal Brunei Navy - Commander (Col Pehin Dato Joharie)
  • Royal Brunei Air Force - Commander (Col Mahmud)
  • Royal Brunei Service Force - Commander
  • Training Centre RBAF - Commander (Lt Col Said Puteh)

Departments (within RBAF)

  • Operations - Director (Lt Col Jofry)
  • Training - Director (Lt Col Hamid)
  • Intelligence - Director (Lt Col Raeme Malik)
  • Personnel - Director (Lt Col Pehin Tawih)
  • Logistics - Director (Lt Col Pengiran Kamal Bashah)


Ministry of Finance (updated 23rd August 2007)

Permanent Secretaries & Deputies

Divisions (within Ministry)

  • Financial Institutions Division - Director (Rosni Tungkat)
  • International Financial Center - Director (Arbi Hamid)
  • Revenue Division - Director (Hisham Hanifah)
  • Administration Division - Director (Pengiran Momin Yusof)
  • Budget Division - Director (Rosli Mustafa)
  • Research and International Division - Director (Mohd Roselan Daud)
  • Investment Division - Director (Adi Marhain)
  • Tender Board - Secretary (Matali Apong)
  • Investment Division - Head (Adi Marhain)

Departments (independent)

  • Treasury - Accountant General (Hamid Janudin)
  • Royal Customs and Excise - Controller (Pengiran Abd Haris)
  • Information Technology and State Stores - Director (Pengiran Naseruddin)

Statutory Boards

  • Brunei Investment Agency - Managing Director (Dr Amin Liew)
  • Employees' Trust Fund - Managing Director (Yusof Rahman)
  • Brunei Currency and Monetary Board - CEO (Mohd Rosli Sabtu)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (updated 25th August 2007)

Permanent Secretaries

  • Pengiran Dato Osman
  • Pengiran Dato Sallehuddin
  • Dato Shofry Ghafor
  • Dato Lim Jock Hoi
  • Datin Maimunah Dato Elias, Deputy
  • Haji Mohd Nor Jeludin, Deputy
  • Pg Datin Masrainah Ahmad, Deputy
  • Erywan Yusof, Deputy (Acting)

Departments (Within Ministry)

  • ASEAN - Director (Latif Tuah)
  • Research - Director (Dato Shofry Ghafor)
  • Policy Planning - Director (Pengiran Datin Shazainah)
  • Politics 1 - Director (Janeh Sukaimi)
  • Politics 2 - Director (Pengiran Ali Hashim)
  • International Organisations - Director (Adnan Jaafar)
  • Administration and Finance - Director (Hallid Mustafa)
  • Information Technology and Communications - Director (Jaini Abdullah)
  • International Relations and Trade Development - Director General (Haji Erywan Yusof)
  • Protocol and Consular - Director (Anuar Lisa)
  • Economic Cooperation - Director (Alias Serbini)
  • Trade Development - Director (Vincent Kong)
  • Security - Director (YAM PIP Pengiran Haji Hamdan)

Missions Abroad (Embassies, High Commissions and Consuls)

  • Australia - High Commissioner (Sharip Osman)
  • Bahrain - Ambassador (Ahmad Jumaat)
  • Bangladesh - High Commissioner (Dato Rahman Hamid)
  • Belgium - Ambassador (Pengiran Yunus Mahmud)
  • Canada - High Commissioner (Magdalene Teo)
  • Cambodia - Ambassador (Pengiran Basmillah Abbas)
  • China - Ambassador (Haji Hamid Jalil)
    • Hong Kong - Consul General (Johan Thani Abdullah)
  • Egypt - Ambassador (Muharram Piah)
  • France - Ambassador (Dato Zaini Sidup)
  • Germany - Ambassador (Dato Ali Hassan)
  • India - High Commission (Haji Ghafar Ismail)
  • Indonesia - Ambassador (Pehin Brig Gen Husin Ahmad)
  • Iran - Ambassador (Pengiran Sahari Salleh)
  • Japan - Ambassador
  • (Dato Adanan Buntar)
  • Jordan - Ambassador (Dato Mokti Daud)
  • Korea - Ambassador (Dato Harun Ismail)
  • Laos - Ambassador (Sidek Ali)
  • Malaysia - High Commissoner (Dato Amin Rahim)
    • Sabah - Consul General (Pengiran Samad Metassan)
    • Sarawak - Consul General (Haji Daud Tahir)
  • Morocco - Charge d'Affairs (Tajuddin Amit)
  • Myanmar - Ambassador (Pehin Hussin)
  • New Zealand - High Commissioner (Pehin Lim)
  • Oman - High Commissioner (Dato Adam Ahmad)
  • Pakistan - High Commissioner (Pehin Col Jalil Ahmad)
  • Phillippines - Ambassador (Emaleen Teo Abdul Rahman)
  • Qatar - Charge d'Affairs (Nordin Ahmad)
  • Russia - Ambassador
  • Saudi Arabia - Ambassador (Pengiran Jabaruddin)
    • Jeddah - Consul General (Harun Juned)
  • Singapore - High Commissioner
  • Taiwan Trade Office - Representative (Effandi Hj Salleh)
  • Thailand - Ambassador (Pengiran Dato Sharifuddin)
  • UAE - Ambassador (Dato Adanan Zainal)
  • United Kingdom - High Commissioner (Pengiran Yunos)
  • United States of America - Ambassador (Pengiran Anak Dato Puteh)
  • Vietnam - Ambassador (Dato Ali)
  • United Nations New York - Permanent Representative
  • United Nations Geneva - Permanent Representative (Dato Mahadi)


Ministry of Home Affairs (updated 5th May 2007)

Permanent Secretaries

  • Dato Idris Belaman
  • Haji Mahdi Pehin Rahman
  • Dato Adnan Hanafiah, Deputy

Divisions (within Ministry)

  • Local Authorities - Senior Administrative Officer/Director
  • Services - Senior Administrative Officer/Director
  • Administration - Senior Administrative officer/Director

Departments (independent)

  • Brunei District Office - District Officer (Dato Yussop Bakar)
  • Belait District Office - District Officer (Mohammad Rahman)
  • Tutong District Office - District Officer (Jamain Momin)
  • Temburong District Office - District Officer (Abdoh Abd Salam)
  • Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Board - Chairman (Nairul Anawar Lahai)
  • Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board - Chairman (Pengiran Ali Othman)
  • Tutong Municipal Board - Chairman (Daud Duraman)
  • Fire Services Department - Director
  • Prisons Department - Director (Dato Ahmad Dullah)
  • Immigration and National Registration - Director (Zainal Abidin Ahmad)
  • Labour - Commissioner (Rosliah Hasbullah)


Ministry of Education

Permanent Secretary, Deputies and Director-General

  • Dato Sheikh Adnan
  • Hajah Aisah, Deputy
  • Daud Mahmud, Deputy
  • Hajah Norjum, Deputy
  • Director General

Departments, Divisions and Units (within Ministry)

  • Department of Schools - Director
  • Department of Planning, Development and Research - Director
  • Department of Administration and Services - Director
  • Department of Schools Inspectorate - Director
  • Department of Technical Education - Director
  • Department of Curriculum Development - Director
  • Department of Examination - Director
  • Department of Co-Curriculum Education - Director
  • Department of Islamic Studies - Director
  • Department of Information and Communication Technology - Director
  • Department of Planning and Estate Management - Director
  • Public Relations Unit
  • Brunei Darussalam National Education Council
  • Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council Secretariat Unit - Special Duties Officer
  • Special Education Unit - Director
  • Scholarship and Training Unit
  • Science, Technology and Environmental Partnership Centre

Higher Institutions

  • Universiti Brunei Darussalam - Vice Chancellor (Dr Ismail)
  • Institute Technology Brunei - Director (Dr Kassim)

Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources

Permanent Secretary

  • Dato Hamid Jaafar
  • Pengiran Mariana, Deputy

Divisions (within Ministry)

  • Tourism Promotion - Director (Sheikh Jamaluddin)
  • Administration - Director (Nariul Anawar Lahai)
  • Policies - Special Duties Officer
  • Industrial Promotion - Head (Momin Shawal)

Departments (independent)

  • Agriculture Department - Director (Pengiran Mariana)
  • Fisheries Department - Director (Hasnah Ibrahim)
  • Forestry Department - Director
  • Authority for Industrial Development - Director
  • Semaun Holdings - Managing Director (Hajah Asmah)


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (updated 5th May 2007)

Permanent Secretary

  • Dato Jemat Ampal
  • Haji Ahmad Rahman, Deputy
Units (within Ministry)


  • Youth and Sports - Director (Metassim Jibah)
  • Museums Department - Director (Bantong Antaran)
  • Community Development Department - Director (Datin Adina Othman)
  • History Center - Principal (Pehin Jamil)
  • Language and Literature Bureau - Director (Dr Mataim Bakar)


Ministry of Communications (updated 5th May 2007)

Permanent Secretaries

  • Dato Yusof Hassan

Divisions (within Ministry)

  • Transport Division - Director (Ang Kian Guan)
  • Communications Division - Director (Pengiran Yakub Othman)
  • Research Division - Director (Umarali Abdullah)
  • Administration Division - Director (Jamaluddin Saman)


  • Land Transport Department - Director (Alimin Tanjong)
  • Civil Aviation Department - Director (Pengiran Abdul Rahman Ismail)
  • Postal Services Department - Postmaster General (Kadir Tengah)
  • Ports Department - Director (Souyono Salamat)
  • Marine Department - Director (Bolkini Rahman)
  • Statutory Board

  • Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry - Chief Executive (Pengiran Md Zain)


Ministry of Development (updated 5th May 2007)

Permanent Secretary & Deputy

  • Haji Mohd Said POKPSDP Haji Hashim, PS
  • Haji Brahim Haji Ismail, PS

Units (within Ministry)

  • Administration - Director (Ibrahim Hassan)
  • Financial Regulations Unit - Head (Hajah Zaiaini)
  • Construction Planning Research Unit - Head (Hj Abd Gapar)
  • Bumiputera Guidance Unit - Head (Hj Abidin Hj Saidin)
  • Research and Development Unit - Head (Eddie Dato Paduka Haji Sunny)
  • Housing & TOL Unit - Head (Hajah Aishah Haji Abd Majid)

Departments (independent)

  • Public Works Department - Director General (Md Zin Salleh)
  • Housing Development Department - Director (Mat Salleh Matussin)
  • Survey Department - Surveyor General (Jamil Ali)
  • Land Department - Controller (Pengiran Wahab Hassan)
  • Town and Country Planning Department - Director (Hong Kok Seng)
  • Environment, Parks and Recreation Department - Director (Zakaria Sarudin)


Ministry of Health (updated 5th May 2007)

Permanent Secretary

  • Dato Serbini Ali
  • Yusof Amba, Deputy


  • Medical - Director General (Dr Affendi Abidin)
  • Health Services - Director General (Dr Intan Salleh)


  • Policy Planning - Director (Nora'alia Rahim)
  • Administration and Finance - Director (Salleh Mohiddin)
  • Health Care Technology - Director (Dr Sablee Aspar)
  • Scientific Services - Director (Victor Keasberry)
  • Pharmaceutical Services - Director (Aminah Jaafar)
  • Health Services - Director (Dr Kalsom Latif)
  • Laboratory Services - Director (Dr Mohamad Kasim)
  • Nursing Services - Director (Pengiran Azizah Tajuddin)
  • Health (Environment) - Director (Dr Rahmah Said)


Ministry of Religious Affairs (updated 5th May 2007)

Permanent Secretary

  • Dato Rahman Mohiddin
  • Dato Ishaaq Abdullah, Deputy

Units (within Ministry)

  • Islamic Legal - Director (Tassim Akim)
  • Administration - Director (Pengiran Tahir Yusof)


  • Haj Management Department - Director (Talip Apong)
  • Islamic Dakwah Center - Director (Zasiah Sirin)
  • Syariah Affairs Department - Director (Zaimi Talip)
  • Mosque Affairs - Director (Ismail Manap)
  • Islamic Education - Director (Kasmah Siput)




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